Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Wonder if Ira Glass Would Go Running With Me...

Okay, screw running talk, I just did the coolest thing ever. I saw Ira Glass. Ira Glass. My idol. No joke. I've been listening to This American Life for years and haven't missed an episode since I started. I can't get enough of it. It's accompanied me on many a run and kept me from going absolutely apeshit when the subway's broken or people won't move into the train (as in, it calms me down). It doesn't hurt that Ira has one of the greatest (dare I say, sexiest? Too old for that to be acceptable?) voices around. Which reminds me of a video I saw of him back in June. The best. And apparently he plays PlayStation, which makes him triply cool.

Anyway, to make a long story long, TAL tweeted about a mysterious event to take place in Brooklyn tonight and asked if anyone was interested in going. Interested in going?! Hell yeah I'm interested, I'd sell my kidneys to go! Do we even have more than one kidney? Doesn't matter, you can have my firstborn's too. And, mind you, I didn't even know Ira was going to be there. I was shocked when he walked to the front of the room and started talking, literally inches from me (yeah, we were sitting in the front-once a suck-up, always a suck-up). Of course I turned beet red and just sat there terrified he would make eye contact with me but secretly wishing he would make eye contact with me, see the brilliance in my face, and ask me to work for him. Never mind that I'd be terrible at that job. They could take me on as a charity case or something. Anything.

I can't say what we did in there since I signed a confidentiality agreement and am officially hot sh-t, but I can say it was awesome and I expect great things from the people involved. I also hope I get to do more cool stuff like that. That's the reason I was excited to live in New York, super cool hip events no one but me knows about, all day all night. Unfortunately I'm not cool and don't know where these things happen. But tonight's little bit of awesomeness will make me hesitate before insulting New York for a few weeks, or at least until the next time the express train runs slower than the local when I have to be somewhere (WHICH HAPPENED TONIGHT-why does this always happen to me?!?!?!).

Now that I've got my crazy stalker fangirl talk out of the way, let's talk about my run today! I didn't make it back to Central Park as I had hoped because I didn't think I'd have enough time. Instead I got off the L at 1st Ave and ran up 1st to my work, which I think is roughly 3 1/2 miles. I wish I could tell you specifically but no, my phone is still being a little bit-h. For whatever reason it just hasn't been able to pick up the signal the past couple of days. I wonder if I need to upgrade it or something... It was nice and chilly out, just the way I like it, and I felt like I was moving pretty well. I actually think that going up First is more of a grunt than most of the hills in CP-no, not as steep as the north woods or whatever they're called, but overall more strenuous then the rest of East Drive since it's a continuous uphill for multiple miles. I ran for about 31 minutes so definitely did at least 3 miles, and probably more like 3 1/2. Tomorrow's run calls for 30 minutes, so even if my phone is still being the worst, I can do the run properly. It makes me uneasy not knowing exactly how far I went. I always assume I've done less than I'm supposed to even when I run for way longer than it takes me to run that distance. It's a sort of neurosis. I took this gem in my work's bathroom afterward:

You're probably all like "Jean, take that shirt off, wash it,
you're disgusting-are you wearing it inside out?"
and I'd have to agree with you on all counts. I'm working on it.

Excited for my run tomorrow! I don't usually run three days in a row because I assume my body will break if I do, but I feel totally fine. Take that, formerly busted hips!



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