Friday, May 27, 2016

Another Weekend, Another Race

I don't know how it happened*, but I'm running another race tomorrow. This one's called the Ridgeline Ramble. a 20k trail race on Eugene's Ridgeline trail. So it's basically my running tour from the other week with a different starting point. 

A whole lotta this

This was very much an impulse registration. I was at a brewery last night hanging out with my friends' puppy...

... when a drunk woman came over to meet the little one.

[side note: it is next to impossible to do anything or go anywhere with a puppy; everyone wants to say hello and go on and on about their own dogs.]

Anyway, for some reason she started talking about running up Skinner Butte and one of my friends immediately said "Jean does that." I guess that signaled to her that I wanted to talk about running, which I very much did not, but after some rambling she mentioned this race. I was kind of done with the conversation by then so (unconvincingly) said "Cool, yeah, maybe I'll see you out there!"

Surprisingly enough, I looked up the race as soon as I got home and figured, why not? It's a shorter distance than last weekend, albeit on harder terrain, and I can take it as slowly as I want. It was also only $30 and a (small) portion of the race covers some trail I haven't seen before.

I honestly kind of regretted signing up when I woke up this morning. The idea of waking up at 5:30 on a weekend is incredibly unappealing, plus I think I'm still kind of fatigued from my race last Sunday. But as long as I don't end up with a horrible injury I should manage to have some fun!

*I know exactly how it happened


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