Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dusting Off My Snow-Running Skills

Thursday workout: 11 miles with 9 tempo (9:30-ish), Pace Gloves
Friday workout: 6 miles, 10:52 average, Pace Gloves

Well, the big news here is that snow ruined Bike to Work Day. 

Of course, everyone's panicking and acting like they've never seen snow before. It never ceases to amaze me. Like, in 3-4 weeks they managed to forget how to walk on a path covered in snow?

Apparently this is the latest date on record that 1+ inches of snow has fallen. It's also apparently the longest "snow season" on record (first snow fell on September 29). Of course, this ignores the fact that it was too cold in October and November to snow, and that in January it was a million degrees outside. But never mind that; snow!!

Snow or lice? Take your pick.

The sun just came out, so the snow's not long for this world.

I had a super awesome tempo run on Thursday. I really should try to write about these things right after they happen, because by now I usually don't have anything interesting to say about it. I ran in my Pace Gloves, which performed beautifully, although my calves were sorer than usual post-run. I forgot to mention that in my Connects "pro" section a couple of days ago; they require less effort to run in. I'm still planning to run my 16-miler in the Pace Gloves tomorrow, though, because apart from calf soreness my body's felt really great this week running in just the Pace Gloves. 

I ran (chuckle) into some coworkers at mile 7 and because everyone I work with seems to bust out 6-minute miles on the reg, I subconsciously sped up for the rest of the run. It's interesting, though, that the more tired I get on these tempos, the faster I want to run; it somehow feels easier to sustain a faster rather than slower pace. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yesterday, I did a recovery run during pretty heavy snowfall. None of the snow was sticking to the pavement so it was actually a really awesome run. I was wearing shorts (it wasn't that cold!) so predictably got a lot of comments like "Working on your tan, huh?" and "You know, summer's over." Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let me regulate my body temperature as I see fit.

I did, however, feel pretty chilled during the car ride home. It seems to be cold central right now and I've been fighting off a bug for what seems like literally six months (people keep telling me it's allergies but I REFUSE to believe that I, perfect human specimen than I am, have allergies), but I think this time I might actually be coming down with something. I'm not sure my run helped my immune system all that much.  However, I finally got a full night's sleep last night and have been downing vitamin C like a pro (yes, I'm aware that science seems to have largely disproven, or at least called into question, the efficacy of vitamin C in healing a cold. Let me feel like I'm being proactive!), so maybe I can keep the pesky thing at bay.


Thanks for your comments on my sophisticated blog redesign. I was able to get rid of my children tabs (sorry, children) by deleting different code things until I finally stopped getting the "ERROR: YOU SUCK AT COMPUTER CODE AND CAN'T DELETE WHAT YOU JUST DELETED OR NOTHING WILL WORK" message. There's still a weird white bar below my "menu" I can't seem to delete, so let's just call it a stylistic choice.


I've got an easy 6 miles on the treadmill today (I've gotten into this Saturday groove where I treat myself to an iTunes movie and run in my dungeonous basement), and another 16-miler tomorrow! I'm planning to wear the shit out of my compression socks so hopefully no pesky cramps come a-knocking.

Enjoy your weekend!


  • Does running faster ever feel easier to you than running slower?
  • Any strange weather happening where you are?
  • What are your thoughts on Vitamin C? Does it work, or am I just an old wife (get it?!?!?!!!?!~?!?!!?!)


  1. Forcing yourself to run slow is incredibly hard! I think it's a talent and one that I have yet to perfect. I like to start off slow and then go "this is boring! I'm a fast runner!" then speed up for two seconds, immediately regret doing so and then lay down on the side of the road. Those are my tempo runs.

    I have no idea about Vitamin C. Have you ever taken that Airborne crap before? Taking that stuff to prevent me from getting sick actually makes me sick. Tastes like monkey vomit. At any rate, a little extra VC can't hurt so I say load up on the mimosas! Get some rest, feel better!

    1. Ahaha, I can't tell you how many dumb things I've done that have started by thinking "But I'm a fast runner!"

      Yeah, I've taken Airborne and its variants (like Vitamin Cee or whatever they call it). Right now I'm taking a generic version (Kroger?) of Nuun-like vitamin C tabs. I don't know what I was thinking; it creates this radioactive pink juice that I'm pretty sure is just giving me cancer.

  2. It is easier to run faster than slower. I did a really slow 4 miles today and I felt like death after it. But I was proud I made myself go so slow. That was a good accomplishment for me after having been in the car for like 10 straight days (exaggeration). Wow for the snow in May!

    1. I sometimes think really slow runs are like weight-lifting in that you have to hold certain positions for much longer than you normally would. Maybe that's why they're harder! That explanation makes almost zero sense, but that's how I think of it!

  3. We get no strange weather, although I'm rooting for a rainstorm this morning. Looks threatening, but those clouds have failed to coalesce. Perhaps I should head to the grocery store. That's usually pretty good at prompting a downpour...

    Nah, I like to run slow! :) Although when I'm running with clients, sometimes the pace IS super slow - and I just run "hoppier" than my normal stride. Some people have trouble with this, but somehow, I can adjust my pace. I guess that's good, given my current profession...

    I'm with Griselda. Bring on the mimosas!

    1. No strange weather in Singapore?!?! I would think it ALL qualifies as strange weather! I'll try to send good rain vibes your way ;).

  4. Awesome runs! I'm assuming that running faster is feeling easier to you than running slower because you're doing so much of it that it's becoming almost second nature to your body. Sounds like the Hansons method is working for you. :) Your pup looks so sweet all covered in snow. Aw. :)

  5. Ha, I had a cold two weeks ago and stopped to get a giant bottle of OJ on the way home, ha. Call me a sucker, but it's worth the shot!

    I think that running some of my "easy" runs is harder sometimes than my tempo/interval runs. It might just be that I pump myself up more for the harder runs, though.

    No strange weather here, but my race is in 1.5 weeks so I'm just crossing my fingers that this 80 degree and humid weather goes away and on race day is replaced for 60 degree and dry, ha. Fat chance, but I'm still hoping!