Friday, March 8, 2013

Crossword and a Six-Pack (In My Dreams)

Workout: 5 miles, 10:52 (moving) average, Connects

Things that are awesome today:

1. More sun!

This is almost identical to the picture I posted on Tuesday. I should probably be even more unoriginal and give it the same caption. I'll spare you this time.

2. Watch tan!

I swear it's darker in person. Oh hey, hairy arm.

3. SHORTS!!!

That is joy and not terror on my face.

New rule: when it's above 40 degrees, Jeano wears shorts. Those legs shone brighter than Edward Cullen's diamond chest once they got outside.

How do people in eternally-sunny places like California ever get anything done? I just want to sit in the sun with a crossword and a six-pack of Shock Top.

Happy trails, my friends!


  1. Happy shorts running and watch tans! Woo-hoo! I cannot WAIT to switch the clocks this weekend.

    1. Excited to lose an hour?!?! That's crazy talk! But it IS nice is the sense that it signals spring, I guess!

  2. love the shorts and compression socks!
    haaaha, I used to wear a watch ALL the Time, and the tan line was awwwful!

    1. Thanks! The compression socks are a must (they really help me with shin achiness), although I'm already fearing the weird tan I'm going to be rocking this summer.

  3. I think once you live there (someplace eternally sunny), you take it for granted. I can vividly remember my husband (he lived in LA, I lived in Upstate NY, for quite a few years...bicoastal relationship = long story, over now, thank goodness)telling me one day, "'s 80 and sunny again today. I'm actually kind of getting tired of the sun. I wish it would rain." In the meantime, it'd been cloudy in Rochester for...oh...approximately 50 days straight (upstate NY gets more cloudy days than Seattle, FYI). I didn't feel very sympathetic to his cause, needless to say!

    I always said that I picked Rochester for school because I could hide away in the lab for days on end without being tempted by good weather, for 9-10 months of the year. Problem is, those 2-3 awesome months can't be wasted, and work was nearly impossible. If it's nice all the time, I guess you (eventually) take it for granted.

    I don't know. Whenever I visited him - and during my stint living out there - I couldn't get enough of it. First time in our "together" life that I've ever had darken skin than my husband. :)

    1. No way, I was pretty close to choosing Rochester for undergrad! U of Rochester (are there any others there?). Beautiful campus.

      Oh, tanned skin. So nice but so cancer-y! I'm definitely looking forward to getting some color on this pasty face of mine.