Monday, March 18, 2013

I Won a Lobster!

Did I say Lobster? I meant Liebster. More on that soon.

Workout: 4 miles, 10:47 average, Pace Gloves

Another beautiful day today. Duh. All sun, all the time here in Anchortown.

I did an easy 4 miles between class and work on the trails over by the dog park. It was a pretty average run except that I had a profound realization that made me chuckle.

When you pass people while on a run and choose to acknowledge them (because, you know, not everyone does. I'm looking at you, skiers), do you stick with a nod, do you say a full-on "hello," or do you utter a breathy, pseudo-sexual "heya?" Because that's apparently what I do. Or at least, that's what I did to a handsome young gentleman this morning. I think I can pull it off, since I can just pretend I'm out of breath from running, although I definitely wasn't out of breath this morning. Not sure where that came from. One of life's great mysteries, I guess.


Well, it's happened: after all these months of hooting and hollering, I've duped someone into thinking my shit's worth reading. You read that right. The estimable Mountains and Miles has deemed me worthy of something called a "Liebster." I don't exactly know what it is, except that it means she's seen some questionable value in my ramblings, and also that no one reads this blog (hah, true!). Whatever the case, I wholeheartedly accept this offer (challenge?) and eagerly await my badge (there's a badge, right?).

Anyway, part of the deal is that I tell you eleven random things about myself. Had I been required to tell you eleven things about anything else, I'd be at a loss. However, I am my favorite person so this should be a breeze. Let's see...

1. I am an exceptional whistler, as long as you're okay with some vibrato. My whistling has been described by some as "average to slightly-better-than-average" and by others as "the sound they should have blasted to get those Waco weirdos out of their compound."

2. I can tell you the number of letters in a word less than a second after you say it.

3. Related to #2, I won the state spelling bee when I was in middle school. NERD ALERT. And no, I won't tell you the word I missed at nationals. It was easy and I spelled it like an idiot. On national t.v.

4. I'm a triplet (pretty sure I've mentioned this before). Two brothers and no, we aren't identical (the ultimate insult: asking a female with two triplet brothers if they're all identical).

5. I was in a 7.9 earthquake in Iquique, Chile in 2005. I was standing on the top floor of a mall on a platform suspended from the ceiling by cables when it happened. It ruined the only road out of the city and knocked down many of the churches we had spent the previous day visiting out in the desert. It was terrifying.

Here's a partial picture of broken glass snapped when we were lead back through the mall. Not sure why it's cut off.

Desert! Full disclosure: that's not actually me. But I took the picture.

6. I'm the fastest typist I know. My average speed is somewhere around 120 wpm but I did clock in at 162 wpm once. You don't believe me (no one does until they see proof), but it's true. That's why my posts are so long - it hardly takes me any time to write them! That, or I can't stop myself.

7. Despite having spent 20 of my 25 years in Alaska, I've barely seen any other part of the state. This is common for us "city slickers" here in Anchorage, and a shame.

8. I was on the crew team for a year and a half in college. I hated every second of it but refused to quit because I didn't want to be a quitter. I'd like that year and a half back, please...

So pissed.

9. I once handed Hugh Jackman a program at a lecture he attended. This may have been the most exciting thing that happened to me while living in New York, and I won't shut up about it. He came to a work event with his wife. They were lovely. He was carrying a small cooler with all his meat in it because he was beefing up for a Wolverine movie that ended up getting postponed. Bummer.

10. The first time I ran five miles, my roommate had lied and told me our route was only three miles. It didn't feel hard, I was ecstatic at having run five miles, and so a star was born! Or, a totally average hobby jogger.

11. We started with a music tidbit, so we'll end with another one: I've been playing the oboe since I was 10. My first paychecks came from playing with our local symphony and opera while in high school. I've still never actually seen the Nutcracker, despite having played in it three times.

Is this stuff I want on the internet? I dunno, maybe not. But whatever, I aim to please.

And now I answer Logan's questions! Are you sick of me yet? Because I am.

1. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Paul Krugman. I don't mean a New York Times columnist, I literally mean Paul Krugman. Love that man. Very short in real life.

2. Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are some things on it? Aye. This is hard. I don't like bucket lists because then I get down on myself for not doing anything on them. My bucket list is to be awesome.

3. Favorite book (right now or ever)? So hard! I loved "A Confederacy of Dunces," but it's definitely not for everyone. I was also obsessed with "I Know This Much Is True" (Wally Lamb). I dunno, you probably don't want book advice from me. "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives of North Korea" was also a good read.

4. Favorite place you've traveled to? Also impossible to answer. I loved the first trip my dad and I took to the Sierras a couple of years ago. I'd say Alaska, but I live here! Suckers.

Okay, fine, I upped the contrast on this photo. IT HAS BEEN ALTERED.

5. Dream trip? Norway!!! Where, *brag*, I'm going in a few weeks. Although I'd probably go to a different part of the country. Funny that I choose a place that (from what I can tell) looks remarkably similar to Alaska.

6. Favorite distance to run? No idea. I hope it will be a marathon, but I've yet to make it that far. I'm also aware it will suck until I've done it a few times.

7. What race do you really want to do in the future? Dreaming big, and it'll never happen, but the Leadville 100 sounds insanely awesome.

8. Favorite season? This may be obvious: winter! Or an Alaskan fall.

9. What is your favorite snack? Any sort of salami/pepperoni/sausage product.

10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I'm going to go with Sitka, Alaska. Granted, I've never actually been, but I know I'd love it.

11. Sweet or salty? Salt. When in doubt, the answer is always salt.

Wow, this is really dragging on, isn't it? Sorry, dudes. I'll try to wrap it up. I think I'm supposed to "tag" some other people for this thing. I nominate the following, with ample assurances that I won't be offended if you choose not to participate (or if you never see the nomination):

Griselda Mood, who makes me lol incessantly.
Run With Holly, a coach who graciously lets me (and others) mooch off her considerable knowledge of running. Not sure her readership qualifies her, though; popular lady.
Green Girl Running, although it seems she's been chosen by someone else! Seems blogland is going Liebster crazy.
Writing While Running, an educated lady who recently ran the Austin marathon and always has thoughtful things to say.
Running With the Sunrise, a recent addition to my blogroll!

I'm the laziest person ever so I'm going to suggest these ladies answer Logan's questions. Or not. You don't have to answer any questions if you don't want to! Congratulations for being awesome!

Phew. All done. I've got only one question for you because I'm tired:

  • What do YOU do when you pass someone while running? Do you pull a Jeano?


  1. Thanks! I've had quite a few nominations lately, I just need to do it now, I guess :)
    I always, always try to make eye contact with other runners and walkers and at least try to say hi when I am running on a path or trail. I hate it when they make no effort to return the nice gesture. Funny enough, I find when walking it is much harder to make a similar connection to others out there.

    1. That's so true; I almost NEVER say anything to people when I'm walking, unless we both have dogs and then there's usually a shake of the head and a "Dogs, so crazy, huh?" look.

  2. Haha! I just nominated you, too!

    So crazy about the earthquake! I was in a ballet class in Oakland during the 1989 Loma Prieta quake... so so scary! Especially when someone came in saying he had just come out from under the Cypress freeway seconds before it collapsed.

    I always either say hi or give a wave to other runners/walkers and I CAN'T stand when people ignore me! Can't we all just be nice?! ;)

    1. Why, how kind of you! That 1989 earthquake sounds truly terrifying. I can't believe the freeway collapsed! I think San Francisco's a pretty cool place, but because I'm paranoid I keep telling myself "Wait until the 'big one' hits before you even think about moving anywhere near there!" Not to worry you or anything...

      YES, we should all be nice! It always makes me so happy to be acknowledged by other people out there, probably because it doesn't happen nearly often enough.

  3. I always do the nod/hand wave. Sometimes if I'm really perking I'll say "hi" or "morning."

    Wow - I would probably pee my pants if I was in an earthquake while on a suspended bridge indoors. I would love to go backpacking in the Sierras - your photo is epic. I can't wait to hear about your Norway trip! If you do the Leadville 100 - I will come watch you because that would be epic!! I'm hoping to do my first ultra this year, but am starting baby with a 50k.

    I'm a salty, too. Hands down. Always.

    1. I used to think I could pull off the smile/nod of the head instead of saying something, but one day I decided to check it out in the mirror to see what kind of look I was giving people (it made sense in the moment) and I realized I was giving them more of a death glare than a friendly look. Since then I've been a "heya" kind of person.

      Ahaha, Leadville will definitely never happen. That would be SO cool, though. I have a friend living in Leadville right now and I really want to visit her to check it out.

      The Sierras are really nice. We pretty much hiked the prettiest part of the PCT that year, so even though I think it would be awesome to hike the PCT, I think I'd be let down because I've already seen the prettiest bits.

  4. Whoa! Look at that-- I'm so famous now! Thank you!

    So many interesting things about this list. I'm very intrigued about this Hugh Jackman encounter. I probably would have awkwardly petted his face and called him "pretty"-- I also probably would have been arrested.

    1. You know how when you have a crush on a boy and you're in the same room as him you pretend you don't notice him but really you're, like, staring at him out of the corner of your eye to see if he notices you? Well, after the lecture we were doing a Q&A with microphones so I was in the crowd, and I was totally doing that with Hugh. You know, my boyfriend Hugh. The one who very likely plays for the other team and has a wife, so he's totally available to me.

  5. BAHAHAHA. You're cute. And too sweet. But...I totally qualify, don't worry. I am *many* followers away from the minimum. ;-)

    What I do...depends on my mood. Usually some kind of acknowledgement, like a head nod. But if I'm feeling especially perky, or bored, I'll add in a little "'morning!" I usually even say "'morning!" on the rare occasions that I run in the evening. Because, you know, I'm used to saying "'morning!"

    And with that...BED.

    1. I love it when people wish me a good morning! So polite. I'd do it too but I'm afraid I'm not THAT engaging.

  6. Omg Sitka , that town was in the movie the proposal with Sandra bullock. I probably just insulted you bc that's the first trout I had after reading your post!

    1. Ahaha, not an insult at all! I will crush your dreams though by telling you that 9 times out of 10, movies that take place in Alaska are actually filmed in Canada (more favorable tax environment, from what I hear). That movie's definitely one of them. I didn't realize it was supposed to take place there, though! How cool.